Reclining leather sofa: what to look out for!

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There are a couple of factors that will affect your purchasing decision when buying a reclining leather sofa. Most likely the place of the sofa in your household will define what size of sofa you can purchase.

However the right sofa has to fit the right place.

Leather quality

First of all if you are going to buy a leather sofa you need to look at the leather itself.

The leather will come in 2 different types. You need to find out if you are dealing with unfinished leather or finished leather. The difference between these two types is the way they are colored. Unfinished leather is colored using a dye. As such this leather does not have an external protection coating applied that would otherwise protect it from, let’s say, UV rays. As a result this type of leather generally will not last very long.

Secondly we have finished leather. This leather type is treated with a similar dyeing process as the unfinished leather. However they then still go through a secondary coloring process. It is thanks to this secondary coloring process that the leather gets its durability it deserves. As a result the leather won’t nearly crack as easily as unfinished leather nor will it fade. It does fade some, however it does so so slowly you’ll never notice the difference.

Price of leather

Of course these varying factors do have an effect on the price of a reclining leather sofa. In addition to the number of coloring process the leather goes through, the place where the leather has been taken from is of great importance.

Top-grain leather is the most durable kind of leather, however it will also cost you more. This is in sharp contrast to split-hide leather which isn’t nearly as durable.

This all combined leads us to the result that if you have an active household with a lot of kids running around, maybe you don’t want a split-hide reclining leather sofa using unfinished leather. That would guaranteed be throwing your money down the drain.

Also make sure the leather used in your sofa actually is all leather. Some manufacturers like to sneak in some  vinyl during the construction process. As a result the finished product won’t at all deliver the effect you are after. It won’t feel like a leather couch and it won’t at all be as durable as a real reclining leather sofa.

Sturdiness of the frame

Lastly another question to ask yourself is to check how the frame of the couch has been set up. I have seen some couches during my years on this earth that was simple pressed board, slapped together with staples and cardboard!

So make sure the sofa that you are buying has a sturdy hardwood frame with solid joints.

Things to remember

When you are ready to make a purchase and go and buy a reclining leather sofa keep the following things in mind:

  1. Is the leather used in the sofa finished or unfinished?
  2. Am I dealing with split-hide leather or top-grain leather?
  3. Has the manufacturer used real leather or is there some vinyl mixed in?
  4. How sturdy is the frame?


Best value for your money: Reclining leather sofa overview

Abbyson Living Westwood Top Grain Leather Sofa

Size (WxDxH): 38″ x 88″ x 37″ | Weight: 134 pounds | Upholstery: Top-grain Leatherreclining leather sofa, reclining leather sofas, best reclining leather sofa, best reclining leather sofas

This Abbyson Living Westwood Top-Grain Leather Sofa features Italian leather and kiln-dried hardwood frames. The reclining leather sofa makes this beautiful sofa an ideal place to sit back and relax after a long day of work. Its rich espresso brown color gives it a warm and inviting feel. This sofa is both durable and soft making it a great addition to any home.


  • Materials: Kiln-dried hardwood, Italian Leather
  • Color: Espresso Brown
  • Reclining Sofa
  • Sofa: 38 inches high x 88 inches wide x 37 inches long
  • Fully reclined depth: 64 inches long

Our judgement: This sofa ticks all the boxes we are after. It not only has a kiln-dried hardwood frame, it also has top-grain leather. The only thing I was unable to find out is whether or not it is finished leather and if it is all leather. However judging by the comments on Amazon the durability of this couch does not seem to be an issue. A winner in many people’s book make this reclining leather sofa a winner.


Homelegance Greeley Reclining Sofa Top Grain Leather Match, Brown

Size (WxDxH): 79″ x 36.5″ x 39.5″ | Weight: 178 pounds | Upholstery: Top-grain Leatherreclining leather sofa, reclining leather sofas, best reclining leather sofa, best reclining leather sofas

Another top-grain reclining leather couch. However the difference this couch has is that all non-important surface areas (such as the back of the couch etc.) is vinyl. So all areas that touch the body are made with top-grain leather. As a result you get the durability a high-quality couch delivers, at an affordable price!

Designed to be the comfortable spot that you nestle into after a long day, the Greeley Collection will be a welcome addition to your home’s living room. Plush seating and backs extend from seated to prone with a pull of the manual reclining mechanism on each piece in the collection. The top and front bodies of each piece in the collection is covered in black or brown top grain leather, with leather match covering those areas beyond your initial reach.


  • Brown recliner sofa (model# 8325BRW-3) features 100% top grain leather where the body touches, all else leather match (vinyl)
  • Overstuffed seat and back cushion for maximum support and comfort
  • Features robust, and easy to use reclining system extending sofa to a fully reclined position for added comfort
  • Measures at 79 x 36.5 x 39.5H inches; assembly is required
  • Complete your seating arrangement with matching double reclining loveseat (8325BRW-2), and reclining chair (8325BRW-1)

Our judgement: I personally think it is a clever move to substitute all non-essential areas in a couch with less demanding materials. As a result you get a very high-performing couch at an effective price. Secondly a lot of people are very hesitant buying a couch online but judging from the comments on Amazon, this is a good purchase if you are on the lookout for a reclining leather sofa.