Power reclining sofa: how to buy a good one?

When buying a power reclining sofa there are a few things that spring to mind. First of all you need to think about the upholstery material. Secondly you need to consider where in the house will you place the couch.

To start off with the upholstery material alone is a pretty big task.

Are you going to buy a leather sofa or will you go with fabric?

How to select a leather power reclining sofa

There are a few questions regarding leather that you need to consider.

To begin with you need to ask the person selling the couch to you whether or not your new leather couch is using “finished” or “unfinished leather”. These have to do with the fading of the leather. After all you wouldn’t want a power reclining sofa that looks faded after only a couple of months of use right?

Get the coloring process right

“Finished” leather is leather that has had 2 color coatings. “Unfinished leather” has only had one. As a result the finished leather is much sturdier than the unfinished one color-wise. During the second coloring phase, a special sealing agent has been added to the coloring. As a result the color on finished leather is much less likely to fade away than unfinished leather one.

That’s to say that it will fade. However it will fade so gradually you’ll hardly notice.

Top-grain v split hide

Secondly you want to make sure that the type of leather used is top-grain leather and not split-hide. Ask your sales-person what type of leather is used on the couch, He or she should be able to tell you without too much trouble. Top-grain leather is much more flexible and sturdier than split-hide leather. Using top-grain leather on your power reclining sofa will make it last for decades. The top-grain leather is much less likely to wear and split over the years than split-hide ever will be.

Make sure it’s actually leather

Lastly make sure that your couch is actually leather. If you search online for leather couches, often you’ll see “bonded leather”. This is just a cheap leather knock-off and will not provide the same feel and quality real leather provides. Also make sure no vinyl is mixed in with the leather as these all deteriorate the natural sturdiness of the leather.

Also make sure the framework of your new couch is sturdy. Ask your salesperson if the frame used consists of hardwood, and not some stapled together fiberboard or cardboard!

It is also perfectly possible to buy these online and plenty of people do so successfully.


Ultimately what will define where you power reclining sofa will cost is largely defined by the placement of it. For example if the placement will be in a room with a lot of sunlight or directly under a window, make sure that the leather used on the couch is finished leather. As the finished leather is treated with a protective coating, it will not fade as easily as unfinished leather.

Likewise if the room is pretty dark, then there is no need to pay that little bit extra to get finished leather and you might save a few dollars along the line.

Lastly if the couch will be in a kids room or in a room where it will be under extensive use, make sure the leather used is top-grain leather. This is the most durable leather out there and it will stand the test of time perfectly. Also acceptable is if the manufacturer has chosen to only cover the seating areas and areas in contact with your body with top-grain leather. This is the most efficient use of the leather and it will save you a few dollars as well. Since the least amount of high-quality leather is used, making the design the most efficient!


Best leather power reclining sofa

Below I have picked the best one I could find for you. This one ticks all the boxes. It has top-quality leather and a sturdy frame:

Ashley Branton U7190187 86″ Power Reclining Sofa with Top-Grain Leather on Seating Area Thick Divided Backs and Overstuffed Cushions in Antique

Size (WxDxH): 89″ x 41″ x 45″ | Weight: 264 pounds | Upholstery: Top-grain Leatherpower recining sofa, power reclining couch, power reclining sofas, power reclining couches, power reclining sofa review, power reclining sofa reviews, power reclining couch review, power reclining couches review

This Branton sofa is what you need to make your home a relaxation hotspot for you and your family. As it is a power reclining sofa, with the touch of a button let your feet be swept away to full relaxed mode. It comes in top-grain leather upholstery. However the good thing is that the top-grain leather is only used in the areas with the most usage. So the seating area and arm rest area where your body touches the couch, is upholstered in top-grain leather. All other non-essential areas are upholstered in low-maintenance “bonded leather”. As a result this provides you with huge savings on an already pricey couch.

It looks really good though and will work well in any household. Independent of a contemporary or classic interior design.


  • Dual-sided recliner; middle seat remains stationary
  • One-touch power control with adjustable positions
  • Corner-blocked frame with metal reinforced seat and footrest
  • High-resiliency foam cushion wrapped in thick poly fiber
  • Leather interior upholstery; polyester/vinyl exterior upholstery
  • Power cord included; UL Listed

Size and dimension info:

  • Reclined footrest height: 19”
  • Distance between recliner and wall: 3”
  • Minimum width of doorway for delivery: 34”
  • Seat height: 25”
  • Distance between arms: 65”
  • Fully reclined length: 65”
  • Seat depth: 20”
  • Carton: Width 86”   Depth 34”   Height 30”


What about other fabrics?

Of course leather isn’t the only upholstery fabric out there. While definitely the most stylish, it can be cumbersome to clean and maintain it at times. Therefore a lot of other fabrics have been invented and have been put to use in the upholstery of power reclining sofa.

Unfortunately unlike leather, other fabrics come in as many shapes and sizes as there are buyers. So it is not that easy to form a checklist as I made above for fabric upholstery. However there are a few things you can consider.

Fabric checklist

  1. Keep it neutral: a neutral pattern or color in the fabric of your choice will make sure you don’t get tired of the fabric. If you want pattern on some of your furniture, stick to the smaller ones.
  2. The pattern should line up: If you are going for pattern, make sure that everything lines up. Take a look from further away. It should look like only 1 piece of fabric is draped over the power reclining sofa.
  3. Get a swatch and take it home for several days: See if you like the pattern and make sure you are comfortable with it coming home.
  4. Quality v cost: A lower quality, lower grade material can in fact be more durable than a high-end fabric as it is cheaper and less complicated to produce.
  5. Thread count: The tighter the weave (higher thread count), the less holes dirt has to get in. So a high-thread count couch is way more dirt-proof than a normal one. Also the fabric will feel better to the touch


Best microfiber power reclining sofa

Microfiber has long been a major choice with people looking for an easy to clean couch. However it can have its drawbacks. Let’s take a look at what some readers over at apartmenttherapy.com have had to say about the benefits and drawbacks of microfiber upholstery.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Pets can’t claw the material. The weave is so tight it won’t tear up.


  • Creates loads of static, so be ready to zap your family!
  • Catches pet hairs like crazy.
  • “Swirl” marks make the couch look stained even if it isn’t.

Homelegance 9723-2PW Upholstered Double Power Reclining Sofa Love Seat, Dark Brown, Textured Plush Microfiber

Size (WxDxH): 70.5″ x 41″ x 39″ | Weight: 145 pounds | Upholstery: Textured plush microfiberpower recining sofa, power reclining couch, power reclining sofas, power reclining couches, power reclining sofa review, power reclining sofa reviews, power reclining couch review, power reclining couches review

With the touch of a button you automatically recline in this comfortable seating offering. Further enhancing this electronic wonder is the dark brown textured plush microfiber cover. More economical lever action mechanism option (9723-2) is also available.


  • Covered in dark brown premium textured plush (champion) microfiber
  • Modern power reclining mechanism. matching 2-seater sofa (9723-3pw) and chair (9723-1pw) are also available.
  • Oversized arms, seats and backs upholstered in soft fabric for extra support and comfort.
  • Measures 70.5-inch w x 41-inch d x 39-inch h. Minor assembly is required.
  • 90-days hassle-free replacement warranty


Power recliners, our top picks

Power recliners are recliners that make all the manual labor a thing of the past. For extra comfort, they recline by the click of a button. On many occasions they also offer the possibility of moving different parts individually. So if you’d like the headrest to be a little higher in relation to the seating area, power recliners can do just that. A normal recliner however has only a limited number of arrangements. So if it’s extra comfort you want, a power recliner definitely is the way to go.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the extra cost of comfort comes with just that. An extra cost. On average power recliners tend to be 30% more expensive than their “normal” counterparts. Also the recliner needs a power cord so depending on how the sockets are placed in your home will define where the recliner can go.

Power recliners top picks:

Power recliners pick #1: 2016 Brand New Bonded Leather Power Reclinerpower recliners, best power recliners, power recliner, best power recliner

This 2016 Brand new bonded leather power recliner by fibonacci is great fun for families. You’ll have to fight for your place to sit in this one tonight as the level of comfort is amazing. The arm rest features a padded foam that wraps around the frame for added comfort. It’s contemporary adn sleek design combined with an excellent leather finish give it a very modern ook and feel while still radiating comfort. It has a dual-function operation that allows you to recline and elevate your feet at once with a push of a button. The chair is soft, durable, and easy to clean. Box Size 34″ x 30″ x 31″. Simple back assembly is required



  • Extra padding around the arm rest for extra comfort
  • Cupholders in the armrest
  • Dual-function operation that reclines and elevates your feet simultaneously at the click of a button


  • Leather finish takes some maintenance work to keep it shiny and “new” looking
  • Might show signs of wear and tear relatively easily, so hanle with care

power recliners, best power recliners, power recliner, best power recliner

Power recliners pick #2: HomCom Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner

power recliners, best power recliners, power recliner, best power recliner

The HomCom heating, vibrating PU leather massage recliner is so much more than just a power recliner. You can have four areas of focus as well as a high or a low speed on each area. The areas include the upper back, lumbar, thighs and legs. With 5 preset settings, you have the options of receiving a shiatsu massage as you recline back and watch TV. This recliner is excellent for people suffering from lower back pain, stress and joint problems. I added joint problems in here as on top of giving a massage, this chair has a heating function. So on those crisp fall evenings, what better than to doze off, get a nice massage and feel toasty thanks to the heated recliner. This chair comes in  colors; black, brown, cream and red.

Chair dimensions:

– Overall: 32″L x 34″W x 42″H
– Seat: 21 1/4″L x 20 1/2″W x 18 3/4″H(from ground)
– Armrests: 15″L x 6 1/4″W x 6 3/4″H(from seat)
– Back Thickness: 6″
– Back Height (seat to top): 25″
– Distance inside between chair arms: 21″


  • Heating function as well as a massage function
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Leather finish takes some maintenance work to keep it shiny and “new” looking
  • A lot of moving parts in this recliner, if something breaks you need to know who to call.

Power recliners #3: Long Knight Collection Power Recliner

This is one of the rare occasions where the manual version of power recliners cost more than the powered one. At less than 500$ this recliner is a steal. A lot of people have bought this or their elderly parents and all have shown to be extremely satisfied. One customer even described it as “sleeping on a marshmallow”.
This Long Knight collection power recliner is not only a recliner, it has a rocking function too. It comes in either a sleek Brown color or Gray. It has a one touch power control with adjustable positions. Features tight back and seat cushions so you don’t necessarily “sink-in”.




  • The polyester upholstery means this chair can take a hit
  • Has a rocking function
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • It is more expensive than our other two picks